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Current and Former Spikes to Watch out for this High School Season

The high school baseball season is right around the corner.Here are several teams and players this high school season to watch out for. Listed are current/former Canton Spikes

-Jackson High School

-Dillon Dingler, Class of '17 (Committed to Ohio State University)

-Kyle Nicholas, Class of '17 (Ball State University)

-Stone King, Class of '17 (Malone commit)

-Ben Warren, Class of '17 (Uncommitted)

-Perry High School

-Ryan Thompson, Class of '18 (Committed to Toledo)

-JB Brown, Class of '17 (Tri-C Commit)

-Noah Kandel, Class of '19 (Committed to Cincinnati)

-Drew Hallgren, Class of '19 (Uncommitted)

-Central Catholic High School

-Aj Marko, Class of '17 (Uncommitted)

-Christian Turner, Class of '19 (Uncommitted)

-Fairless High School

- Dax Harddick,Class of '17 (Heidelberg commit)

-GlenOak High School

- Tyler Barker, Class of '17 (Heidelberg commit)

-Anthony Curati, Class of '17 (Heidelberg commit)

-Michael Cook, Class of '19 (uncommitted)

-Aaron Miller, Class of '19 (uncommitted)

-Springfield High School

-Andrew Hanna, Class of '17 (Malone Commit)

-Louisville High School

-Cameron King, Class of '19 (uncommitted)

-Jordan Shearer, Class of '19 (uncommitted)

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