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Diamond Dreams is the training home of the Ohio Spikes and the Ohio Lasers. It can be the training home of your team or organization as well! Diamond Dreams Team Bay is just under 7,000 square feet and features four pitching lanes and a shell cage for live at-bats. Our shell cage can also be configured into two or three hitting tunnels. We provide baseballs, batting tees and protective screens. Our Team Bay features 18 feet high ceilings and is 150 feet in length making it ideal for long toss, hitting fungos, running drills, and full throws to second base for catchers. In addition to our Team Bay, we offer a large Classroom complete with a conference table, a video projector and a field diagram on a 4' x 8' white board. Our classroom is ideal for team skull sessions and parent meetings. With many years of experience under our belt, we will also assist your team(s) and coaches with team drills and practice planning upon request. 

Diamond Dreams offers special pricing for teams, including during off-hours to reduce costs. Click the link below to request more information and a price quote. We look forward to hosting your team!

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