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Travel Programs

Ohio Spikes Headquarters and More

Diamond Dreams is committed to supporting travel baseball and softball. In fact, Diamond Dreams is the training home of the Ohio Spikes, which offers both elite and select level teams. While our facility is open to the public and to all teams looking for a quality, indoor facility, the nonprofit Spikes enjoy a special relationship with Diamond Dreams. The Spikes' headquarters are located on our Upper Deck and members of the Spikes receive discounts on team rentals, individual memberships and Baseball 365 training. In fact, members of all teams who train at Diamond Dreams receive discounts on Baseball 365 training.

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Ohio Spikes Elite

Elite Level Baseball

The Ohio Spikes Elite Level Baseball program competes at the highest level in Ohio and surrounding states. Over the years, Spikes elite teams have been state champions, state runners-up and competed favorably at a number of in-state and out-of-state national tournaments. Spikes elite teams will train more, travel farther and play stiffer competition. Elite level players are identified at tryouts and discussions are held with both players and parents to confirm their level of commitment. Please note that the Spikes may have more than one elite level team at each age group.

Given the time and financial commitment, and depending upon each player and family's individual circumstances, some elite level players may be better served playing for Spikes select level teams.

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Ohio Spikes Select

Select Level Baseball

The Ohio Spikes Select Level Baseball program competes at the highest appropriate level, mostly within the state of Ohio. Spikes select level teams will train slightly less, play in a competitive travel league and play in fewer tournaments, most of which will be in Northeast Ohio. Spikes select level teams will typically travel out of town at least once per season, typically to the state tournament or to one of the top turf complex destinations. Please note that there may be more than one select level team at each age group.


With a lighter training schedule and fewer overnight tournaments, Spikes select level team expenses are expected to be lower than Spikes elite level teams. Players tryout annually and may move up to elite.

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Diamond Community

Community Level Baseball

The Diamond Dreams Community Level Baseball program is unique; it involves less commitment and arguably more fun! Our community teams have at least 75% of their rosters made up of players from the same school district. These teams play in the appropriate level of a local travel league and also play in anywhere from one to several, community-level or higher travel tournaments. 

These teams maintain their own identity but benefit from the resources of Diamond Dreams and the Ohio Spikes, which include discounted uniforms, discounted indoor training, organized fundraising, coaching education, practice planning and tournament expertise. Our community teams also receive discounts on Baseball 365 training.

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