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Our mission is clear.

Diamond Dreams is dedicated to providing a quality training environment where young men, women and teams develop the skills necessary to play their respective games at a high level while also learning the values of self-discipline, hard work and sportsmanship. DDSA’s entire staff is committed to teaching our youth to respect the game that has meant so much to generations of Americans. With this commitment has come success. Scores of players who have trained at Diamond Dreams have gone on to have success at the high school, college and professional levels.

Our facility is flexible.

The efficient design and practical floor plan of the 20,000 square foot Diamond Dreams training facility allows us to accommodate multiple teams as well as private instruction simultaneously. We offer as many as nine hitting tunnels, eight pitching lanes, a pro-style bullpen, a 43' x 75' shell cage, a resistance training area. Diamond Dreams provides all tees, balls, protective screens and state-of-the-art equipment, including Jugs and Sports Tutor pitching machines and both baseball and softball video pitching simulators. Our goal is for our customers to get the maximum use of our facility.

Our features are special.

Its Wrigley-like brick, Fenway-style scoreboard and old-fashioned wood lockers make Diamond Dreams more than just a training facility. In fact, as DDSA's aesthetics recall the game’s history and serve to inspire new generations of athletes, its thoughtful design has transformed an old warehouse into a must-see destination. In addition, our 48' Upper Deck allows parents and visitors to get a birds-eye view of the action. The Dugout Lounge features ballpark seats from Camden Yards, a dugout for kids, a cell-phone charging bar and a view of the training field. Sip coffee, watch TV or work on your laptop w/ our free Wi-Fi – all while your athlete trains!